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Maddison and Jayden

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"There was no sugar coating and there was no sell, it was just; 'This is your situation, this is what you need to do, let's get in and do it"

Maddison and Jayden wanted to be living in their own home by the time they got married, but when starting their homeownership journey, they seemed to have nothing but bad luck. After a mortgage broker let them down, they decided to try going it alone — but that didn’t work out for them either. Feeling discouraged, a friend recommended Chaice. After chatting with him, Maddison and Jayden knew exactly what they needed and what they had to do in order to buy their first home. With low debt, a decent income and a family guarantor, Maddison and Jayden were able to achieve their goal and now own a beautiful home in New Beith.

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